Who gets to be afraid in America?

The article uses the author’s real-life experiences to examine the stereotypical views and social prejudice towards black people.  The author expresses how his unique identity is covered by labeling him as a black male and what other people normally viewed this title. “They don’t need to figure out who I am. All they see is what I am. A black male. And what I pronounce who I am. A criminal. The embodiment of danger. The producer of fear.” A social phenomenon is revealed behind which people sometimes categorized a certain group of people just by their appearance, and some individuals among that group. Later on, the author uses a parallel sentence:” No one living knows what Arbery felt in final moments. No one living knows what Arbery felt as he approached the white pickup truck parked on the two-lane road, blocking his way. No one living knows what he felt as he saw Gregory McMichael standing in the truck’s bed and saw Travis McMichael standing outside the passenger door wielding a shotgun.” When the black man has barely any weapons in his hand, is confused to see two white men standing in front of him aggressively. The readers are resonated with what black men faced with a sense of sympathy, and it is all caused by the “racism terror”, as the author describes.

Black males are being falsely suspected as criminals due to the social stereotypical aspects, and this had become a terrorizing thing. “It is terrifying to produce so much unwanted and unwarranted fear. And then we are harmed. And then we are killed. And then our killers claim self-defense” outlining the social discrimination against black men and this phenomenon would lasts for a long time. It also adds a layer of sarcasm when you finish reading the article and looking back to the title. The title claims: “who gets to be afraid in America”, and it is the black men in this case, who are often suspected as criminals have to find a way to protect them.


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