The Finkelstein 5

The short story’s central plot involves fallout from a trial in which a white man has been acquitted for the murders of five Black children. It begins with the main character Emmanuel Gyan waking up from what appears to be a nightmare about a girl named Fela. It discusses racism and sarcasm, in a sense that injustice of the innocent black Americans while the justice system turns a blind eye on the victims and refuses to punish the perpetrators, who are normally white people. The mood of the story is desolate and tragic. 

In the beginning, “setting the blackness” attracted my attention. When the protagonist is answering the phone, he lowers his “blackness” as much as he can to let his voice do not sound like a black person. This is indicating the unequal social status of black communities in the setting, represented by the protagonist. Since if the blacks are one equal member in the community, they can normally speak their accent instead of hiding it. After that, the story gets to the main plot when Dunn is accused of murder five black children in front of the Finkelstein restaurant. The event has a significant impact on society and everyone has an eye on it. The author also uses dialogues to further develop the story: “George Willsion Dunn is an American. Americans have the right to protect themselves.” The sentence is sarcastic as even the law is physically displayed in front of the people, but there is discrimination between different races. Even though black and white are both American citizens. Obviously, the black did not get equally treated in this case. The murdered, feeling as though his life and the lives of his two children might be in jeopardy, Dunn decapitated all five young people with a chainsaw.

Later on, several more killings followed by the big event, all shouting for justice, addition to it, there are small daily fragments occurred on the protagonist as a sign of social discrimination of the black. The five children, in the story, are described as both victim and monsters, since they threaten the murder’s children’s life. However, when we look into the story, they are the victim of racial prejudice. As claimed in the story, ” all of sudden he is a racist and all of sudden he’s a murder.” That is the defense word from the defense.We see the racial cases are always about self protection and racist. In the story, black people are described as the source of dangers and violence, giving the murdereer a reason to do bloody killings. The protagonist symbols people that are willing to standing out, yelling for justice, but he was shot by the police in the end. When I am reading it, I feel powerless and relentless, however, there is nothing I can do.

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