PSE reflection

1.Self Reflection- What were some of the most interesting discoveries you made about yourself through the Myers Briggs and Holland Code tests? How has your planning for the future changed or stayed the same during this unit? (100 words).

I got two different results for each time when I do the test. My 4 letters code changed from ENFJ to INFJ. I considered this as the main discovery of how my personality changed these years as I grew older. The Holland Code tests also provide a range of jobs that suit my personality which I found out interesting since some of the jobs are what I exactly wanted to do in the future. My planning of the future stays the same during the unit, but I did consolidate what exactly do I want to do from different aspects.

2. Self Advocacy- Professional relationships. Name two or three important skills you learned about maintaining positive professional relationships and how will you use them in the future (50 words).

I learned communication is the top essential skill to maintain a professional relationship. Since sometimes when we are having conflicts we do not know why others feel angry and intolerable, so talk can let us hear their inner thoughts which will make everything easier. Second, show your care and support to others even just saying small words like ” thanks” “have a great day”. It is a way of showing positivity as people now are getting too busy to care for others. Lastly, is be honest about what you have and what you wanna do. These tips can really build up a relationship bank account with others.

3. Informed decisions- Thinking about your future 5, 10, or 15 years from now, what are some themes/aspects of life that you want to keep central to your planning? What are some key values that will drive your decision making? (100 words)

In my future, I wanna live the life I want. Some keywords might be following my instinct and what I truly wanna do. Some key values that will drive my decision making would be judgement, planning and passion. I want myself to think carefully and feeling the passion for what I am doing before going to do the work.

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  1. Rebecca,
    Thanks for this reflection. It is obvious that you learned about yourself in our Back to the Future unit.

    Congratulations on a great musical production!


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