Do you think banning religious symbols has any value or is this just removing basic rights / freedoms?

Personally speaking, the government’s intention for banning the religious symbol is to regulate and unite the social norms and prevent social discrimination and religious racism in the community. The action might benefit the whole society and may reduce individual harassment and enhance equity in the community. For instance, some Muslim women stop wearing hijab after the 911 attack as they viewed the stereotypes carrying by others towards Muslims are gradually increased, therefore, this could also be a policy to protect them.

However, every individual’s civil right is constrained as they can not freely express themselves and their beliefs in the public. The government banning may result in more severe discrimination towards the certain religious group which they are viewed as a religious group not in the mainstream such as Muslim, as burka was banned in various countries. We have to consider not all the woman who wears burka or hijab are forced to wear it, instead, they can choose and they choose to represent their religious culture. The government’s action will eventually force them to abandon their beliefs in the place they live in.

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