Medea reflection#2

Examine the ways in which Medea’s case is strengthened by her duologue with Jason.

The dialogue between the nurse and Medea in episode I explains Medea’s situation of being abandoned by Jason and forced to be exiled from the country. She is in a desperate situation where she can not find a sense of belonging. Medea’s circumstance is strengthened after she had a conversation with Jason in which more sympathies are giving to Medea. Jason stands on the victim’s side offenses toward Medea. He alludes to her homeland as a place without law and justice in line 535, putting her into a lower status, and makes a comparison between Medea’s hometown and Iolcus. In line 562, he furthermore claims: “to your children” extracts his relationship with the family by using “your” instead of “our”. It indicates that Jason values power more than respect, as if the royal family may bring him power and wealth. Jason has abandoned the past memories with the family, putting Medea in a more desperate and negative site, which foreshadows her revenge in the future. in line 573, Jason says “women would not have to exist at all”, suggest the uselessness of this gender in society, by manipulating Medea’s thoughts, he furthermore emphasizes his confidence. He convinces Medea that what he is doing is the right thing. The duologue adds a dramatic effect to the story as the relationship now between Jason and Medea are exposed to the audience, illustrating Jason as a negative figure, provides enough intentions for Medea to start her revenge plan.

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