Medea reflection#2

Examine the ways in which Medea’s case is strengthened by her duologue with Jason. The dialogue between the nurse and Medea in episode I explains Medea’s situation of being abandoned by Jason and forced to be exiled from the country. She is in a desperate situation where she can not find a sense of belonging. […]

Medea- reflection

How do we decide in our own lives who belongs and who doesn’t? How do cliques operate? A sense of belongings can be obtained when a person’s perspective and views toward life and society match with a group of people. That builds up cliques when all the people in the union share similar beliefs and […]

Do you think banning religious symbols has any value or is this just removing basic rights / freedoms?

Personally speaking, the government’s intention for banning the religious symbol is to regulate and unite the social norms and prevent social discrimination and religious racism in the community. The action might benefit the whole society and may reduce individual harassment and enhance equity in the community. For instance, some Muslim women stop wearing hijab after […]

What have you learned about Islamophobia and the Hijab? In what ways has it changed your earlier perceptions about isalm?

In fact, I do not have a lot of background knowledge about Muslin history and the word “Islamophobia. Therefore, when we first saw this word on our English class, my understanding toward it is superficial. I though it is just a word for describing the stereotypical fares produced others towards Muslin, but it contains more […]

The Finkelstein 5

The short story’s central plot involves fallout from a trial in which a white man has been acquitted for the murders of five Black children. It begins with the main character Emmanuel Gyan waking up from what appears to be a nightmare about a girl named Fela. It discusses racism and sarcasm, in a sense […]