The racism we all carry

The author opens the article with a line of a song lyric from Boardway musical Avenue. It talks about racism in a global manner, which everyone born to carry certain racism. Later on, the author lists several experiences from famous people, outlining the fact that racism is carried by everyone in different ways. One example […]

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance took part in the early 20 century, a  movement for the discovery of what meant to be an artist, black and American. The artwork in that period normally combined three themes together. The movement inspires different forms of art, including drama, poet, paintings, and films. It often discussed the double consciousness of […]

Reflection on Riding hood ads

How does the interplay of written & visual text affect our response/interpretation? Consider the Audience, Purpose, Perspective. How does the intertextual nature of the text create a completely different impact? Does this text have anything to say about identity?   Information in this ad is categorically organized, that is of less importance is smaller and […]