STEM Project reflection

  How my project was successful/not successful -e.g. What went well and what didn’t During these three weeks, we’ve been working on our science crest project, which includes the final product, bibliography, and working process. I consider my project a half success. The positive response is I improved my time management skill during this time […]

First stage reflection

Links to working progress: We started to work on our project after we decided on our research question(it may change and further develop through the research process). My research question is Could we ever create the Jurrasic park? I consider it an intriguing topic and I am feeling passionate. When the movie series of Jurassic […]

Outline preparation slide

Comment and questions: I really like this choice of presentation, I think it is well-fitting for your aims of the project and ties in skills from many different subjects. I wonder if you will make a diagram digitally or on paper? I think a computer simulation could extend that idea, although it might be quite […]