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This is a picture of my mom, sister and I in Kazakhstan this summer. I’m originally from Kazakhstan, so my family and I try to visit it as often as we can. What we find amusing is how different Singapore is to our home country.



We haven’t been to Kazakhstan in a long time so when we visited it during summer, we felt excluded in a way because we were exposed to so many different things in Singapore.¬†For example, Kazakh people loathe those of a different sexual orientation, which is the opposite to Singapore. So before we moved, we were stuck in that mind set.

Moving to Singapore, I realised that it’s normal. The environment that I lived in and the school that I went to shaped my perspective and I became more open to the LGBT community.

So when we went to visit Kazakhstan this summer, it was a step back for us, where people have fixed mind sets about almost everything, which is why we wanted to change Kazakhs to become more open to the ideas that are considered normal. We told our cousins, aunts, uncles and people around us how Singapore is so different. We want Kazakhstan to become a more developed country which holds a perspective that gay rights are human rights too.



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