How we “know” and with what “certainty”

We always think we know something, but is it really knowing? Could it be memory, intuition, or even emotions? For example, in science we know things. We know that we evolved, we know that dinosaurs once existed but what about religion? Religious people believe we came from Adam and Eve. But are we certain that God even exists?

People hold different perspectives on every aspect, and we believe what we want to. We usually stick to our intuition when making decisions. A Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, argued that “people high on this dimension are more likely to let their own thoughts dominate their experience”. We trust our intuition when we don’t know the consequences of a specific action so we trust ourselves without the need for proper reasoning. In science, we can measure things to be certain of something. For example, we can measure speed of light or sound and be certain that it’s right because if we repeat any experiment multiple times, under the same conditions, certainty increases. We can provide more evidence to support a theory by replicating the experiment. That’s how we know that we know. Furthermore, any experience you go through, or what you observed is how you know.

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