CAS Reflection – Prom committee (LO1 & LO5)

As part of CAS, I have chosen to do the Prom Committee as creativity. I don’t usually consider myself a creative person which is why I decided to do it – so that I can step outside my comfort zone. I think it’s an important area of growth since I will be able to develop my skills while also having fun.

Furthermore, none of my friends wanted to join the prom committee so by doing it, I’m going to meet new people and work collaboratively. This also goes under stepping outside of my comfort zone since I’m used to hanging out with the same people.

In the prom committee, I am in charge of the superlatives and sending the form out. Prom is supposed to be fun and no one should get upset over the superlatives and awards so I had to be very careful coming up with the superlatives. It was a really fun process since I also worked with other people to help me out with this. When I sent out the form, we did not receive any negative comments about it which is good. I’m looking forward to the next 2 months of working with these people trying to make prom the best we possibly can.

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