What are we really learning at school?

I believe that the answers to this article does not relate to what UWCSEA would teach. The thing about these answers is that I personally cannot relate to because of the way I have grown up and the school that I go to. I think that in this school because we focus on different aspects of the students life that we can not only focus on our academics. Most of the answers were academic relating and very few were about life lessons and how they should treat themselves and other people. I think that we learn a lot in this school because of what the school stands for and almost all the teachers and staff try and push the message of equality and how we can be the best version of ourselves.


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How has technology changed the way that other people relate with others? Is the change for the better?

Technology as a whole will always have an impact on humans whether it is making their life easier or harder, and I think that depending on what type of person you are and what kind of technology you use will change the outcome of how we relate to others. I think that if you love technology and use it on a daily basis it will change the way you relate with others because of the difference in lifestyles. I do not think that technology is the only thing that could change the way that other people relate with others because if you have a different lifestyle you cannot always relate with others as you don’t live the same way. Although it changes our lifestyle I think it can help us sympathise with others as you may not know how they feel but with technology, you can learn more about an issue. Using technology anyone can learn more about anything and with knowledge can come many positive outcomes.

Personally, I  think that this change is for the better because by using technology we can educate ourselves and just because we can’t empathise with others because they’re in a different situation, we can learn more about their circumstances, educate ourselves and sympathise.


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