Reflection 23/08/19

This is the end of the first week and we have been tasked to reflect. At the beginning I was excited to see my friends and since it was the first day we were off time table which meant that it was more about adjusting to the new environment rather than academics. The first few days of class were easy and hard at the same time as I was surprised to see that I had remembered as much as I had but I was also thinking that I should’ve prepared more to advance the understanding. Today we were also off time table and we talked about service and activities and what is available to us at school. This was interesting because we talked about specific topics and how one would help with that “problem”, for example, one was how could we help Singapore integrate people with Cerebral Palsy. Then at the end, we were asked to talk about what service meant to us, why we did it, what are good attributes for a person who does service etc. After that, we talked about activities and it made me wonder what I could try this year as there is no required reflection or a certain amount of activities I have to do.