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Taylor Swift and the controversy with LGBT

On 17th of June 2019, Taylor Swift an American singer and songwriter released a song called “You need to calm down” for her upcoming album “Lover”. In the music video there were multiple references to iconic Gay classics such as the reference to John Water’s film “Pink Flamingos”. Not only that but multiple gay celebrities made cameos in the video, some of them being the fab five from a Netflix hit series “Queer eye”, RuPaul a host on “RuPaul’s drag race”, Laverne Cox who was the first transgender in 2014 person to be nominated for an Emmy in 20 years, and many more.

While the music video seems to be sending out a good message of alliance with the LGBTQ+ community and dismissing homophobia, people are still very split on their views and Taylor’s intentions with the video.

One of the reasons why some may find Taylor’s music video disrespectful is that some people think that as a heterosexual woman, Taylor doesn’t have the right to wade into the LGBTQ+ community to help her “sell her release”. Queer-baiting is an issue the community faces as different brands, companies, and celebrities use their sexuality to promote a product to them which often cause higher sales. The other is how she tries to make herself a “gay icon”, which many think that it’s wrong and that icons are not created that way.

on the other hand Taylor’s supporters debate that even though she is straight doesn’t mean that she cannot be an ally, she spent money for charities that go towards the LGBTQ+ community, and that she is allowed to experiment with her work and references.

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