Incredible Edibles

Urban gardening in the heart of our campus

Who are we?

We are Incredible Edibles! Two middle school college service teams, with Grade 9 leaders, who meet on Mondays and Wednesdays after school to tend the gardens at school and grow things to eat

The Wednesday team

The Monday team

Here are some stories from our blog

Aadya’s Middle School Service Reflection

In my service known as 'Incredible Edibles' I did activities such as weeding, planting and watering plants. I developed a skill of the process of planting and what steps should and what steps shouldn't be avoided. I also learned names of new plants and that helped me...

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Erina’s Incredible Edible Reflection

This year I have learned a lot from Incredible Edible, such as learning different names of plants, how to plant them and various recipes according to the plants. It was also very pleasant cooking from what we have grown, as well as improving my cooking skills....

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Huaiyao’s Reflection S3~4

                  As I was a member of the team since the beginning of the school year, I am really proud of us, both groups from Season1~2 and Season 3~4, and what we did.  In Incredible Edible, we are taking care of two...

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Hugo’s Service Reflection

I have done the planting, weeding, composting, mulching, cooking, I think I have developed resilience, and been a critical thinker. The weeding has been the most successful aspect in this service and the heat and dirtiness have been the most challenging because it is...

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Inayas Reflection

What activities did you do? Incredible Edibles What skills or qualities did you develop during this service?  Gardening skills What has been the most successful aspect of this service for you? Learning how to plant and do gardening What has been most difficult? The...

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Roye’s Reflection

In Incredible Edibles, we have done a variety of activities such as cooking Laksa Pesto and Laksa. During this service, I believe that I developed the qualities of curiosity and leadership as since January I have increased my interests in gardening and horticulture...

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Ethan’s Service Reflection

The activities I’ve done was weeding, watering, planting, and creating our own project which was the “zen garden. I developed skills such as being resilient and collaborative. The most successful aspect of service was being able to learn the basics such as planting,...

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Mia’s Reflection

What activities did you do? Incredible Edible What skills or qualities did you develop during this service? (See the UWCSEA Profile in ‘A Guide to Service Reflection in the Middle School’, pages 5 and 10-11.) Learning how to plant different types of plants. What has...

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Herb pots are finally ready!

Check out our herb towers. Finally ready (its taken a while) - complete with herbs from our own garden, cuttings of dill and a few extras. Herbs included are: pandan; chillis; basil; dill; coriander; rosemary and laksa The towers will be on display in the G5 expo

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Lovely Laksa

“So if we are Incredible EDIBLE, perhaps we ought to cook more with our own produce?” was the question Roye raised at our last reflection session. The challenge was on, and Roye and Christian set to work finding recipes that used stuff we grew in the garden. They...

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Home-made paper seedling pots

More good progress occurred this week. As mentioned in the last blog post we were asked to have a stall in the Grade 5 Expo and the progress has been great as we have finished all our research. However, the people in the group don't feel confident enough to make the...

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Cuca whats?

The upstairs gardens at Dover have a thriving Cucamelon ecosystem, so here is some cucamelon information, in case you were wondering……. A Cucamelon is a tiny watermelon lookalike originally from Central America that are enjoying their spot in the limelight. Home...

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Herb pots for the G5 Expo

An eventful Wednesday for the group this week. As per request, the Incredible Edible service will have a stall at this year's Grade 5 Expo. We have a 3 person squad working on the research and a beautiful infographic that will be on display on the day. We also had a...

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Keeping the gardens buzzing

Hi there from the Incredible Edibles (Monday team). We are located on the rooftop garden next to the 2nd floor of the Heritage Cafe. In the gardens, we grow Lettuce, Tomatoes, Dill, Turmeric, Black Beans and even Cucamelons! Cucamelons are small watermelons the size...

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Harvesting the pineapple at last!

In our last Wednesday session for Incredible Edibles we celebrated by harvesting our pineapple and eating it together. It was absolutely delicious and tasted all the sweeter for having been grown by us! We also had a reflection session in which we each answered the...

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Special Projects

Community Fair 2019

We will be selling herb pots at the community fair

Advisor group challenge

Can you keep your herb alive?

Trip to visit Citizen Farm

We are planning a visit to Citizen farm

Herb gardens

We are hoping to make herb gardens for our community

A tour round our garden

Why did we join Incredible Edibles?

I joined Incredible Edibles because I love to plant and I care a lot about plants and when I was younger I used to plant in India.


I find it is important to support initiatives like Incredible Edibles, because it is good for the environment and people know what goes into the produce.


I joined incredible edible to learn more about growing vegetables. Because I have a garden at home where my family and I also grow vegetables. So I can help taking care of the garden.


I joined Incredible Edibles to enhance my learning about the area that I live in and also to spend time with my friends.


I enjoy doing Incredible Edibles because I can learn more about the plants.


I joined Incredible Edibles because I thought I was going to learn a lot about plants and how to grow them, and I did. I also really enjoy seeing them as the final piece.


In Incredible Edibles we tend all the food gardens on campus. They are next to the Heritage centre and by the science block. You should join because you learn how to grow food.


Incredible Edibles is fun and meaningful because we eat food every day but we usually take for granted where it comes from, and how it is actually grown. Incredible Edibles is the opportunity to have the experience of actually planting and seeing how things grow, and dealing with problems, big and small.


I joined Incredible Edibles because I wanted to try something new and learn more about gardening.  The Incredible Edibles support and help the environment.


I enjoy doing incredible edibles because we help the environment while having fun


I joined Incredible Edible to learn more about plants and how they effect our lives.Sakura

I like Incredible Edible because before I didn’t have much to do on Mondays and now I can have fun and I get to discover different species of plants.


Gardening is a skill you may think you’ll never need but you never know when it will come in handy. In Singapore 92% of our food is imported which is bad for the environment, So its important for people to learn how to grow their own food, to reduce their footprints.


Incredible Edible is a good way to release your energy for a good cause. Its good for fitness too. I hope our food will help Sodexo make tastier more sustainable food.


I joined Incredible Edibles because when I was little I loved to dig holes and garden.


I think nature is important for urban growth and also the world.


I think that gardening is a crucial part of society. I joined incredible edibles because it sounded interesting to plant vegetables around the campus.


I joined Incredible Edibles to make friends and explore how chocolate was made.


To me gardening is a skill that needs to be learned. At some point in your life you are going to need to get your hands dirty.


One of our goals for UWC is being sustainable. Creating your own food is helping the environment.


I didn’t know anything before and now I know how to garden. I can grow many different plants like pumpkin,


Edible Jokes

Why aren't bananas ever lonely?

… because they hang out in bunches.

What do veggies say on their birthday?

Lettuce celebrate!

What makes some plants better at math than others?

Square roots!

What do you call a garden nursery?

Plant Parenthood!

What do you call a nervous tree?

A sweaty palm!

How do plants practice self-care?

They try to weed out unnecessary drama!

What is the strongest vegetable?

A muscle sprout!

What do you call a retired vegetable?

A has bean!

What did the father tomato say to the baby tomato whilst on a family walk?


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