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  • NYAA Tennis

    Now that we’ve entered phase two, the tennis courts are back open and I can start playing tennis again. I played on Friday with a friend and it was clear I had a lot to improve on. Over the course of this summer, I will be logging my Tennis playing this summer for NYAA.

    June 23

    July 9

    August 1

    August 3

    August 10

    June 24

    July 10th

    July 15th

    July 26

    July 28

    July 29

    August 5

    August 23

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  • Building a PC

    At the beginning of this school year, I took on the project of building my own custom PC. The process involved a lot of research, planning, and problem-solving. I’m glad to say though I was able to work around the problems I encountered, and in the end, the experience is actually one of the factors […]

  • English
  • Empathic Essay

    Recently I just finished my empathic essay which is an essay that we write from the perspective of a character from the book Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The character I chose was Jaja and I chose him because I felt I understood his motivation the most. At least enough to put it into […]

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  • NYAA Workouts

    Sworkit is a site I was introduced to in PE during the home learning period. It creates workouts focusing on specific sections of the body depending on the user and now I intend to use it outside of school. This will help me not only in Tennis but also in any other sport I choose to pursue.

    May 24, 21, 20

    Core and Full body are what I mainly want to work on throughout the pandemic in order to maintain my fitness.

    July 1, 4, 6, 19, 23

    I haven’t done Sworkit in a while since the Tennis courts opened and I realised that I still want to do it occassionally though not as often

    May 27

    Your Title Goes Here

    I focused entirely on core this time and I realised while individually and for short times I am capable of doing the excersises. I can’t do them one after the other, especially when I have one intense one (like push up variations) right after another one.

    September 4

  • Drama
  • Drama Monologue Reflection

    Retrospective Reflection- Think back to some key learning you have had in the process of doing monologues. What was significant for you? Our monologue task involved a lot of creative thinking as we had to develop actions and tone base on what we thought of our character. This pushed me to do research on my […]

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  • Lock down Reflection

    During the lockdown, I’ve heard from several who have struggled to adjust to online learning. I think that for me the change wasn’t too hard though it definitely has impacted my learning. In my opinion, learning online is harder than in class but for me, the main problem is that I think we’re doing work […]