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The circuit breaker, as of now, is meant to end in 10 days. but the issue is is that that’s unlikely because we can’t just go back to how things were before this entire fiasco. I’m sure that everyone is perfectly content blaming the unfortunate person who first ate that bat at some sort of festival in Wuhan, China, but I think the handing of the situation by various governments around the world is truly to blame for the widespread and uncontained nature of the virus.

as an American, I do like to be involved and conscious about what is happening in my home country, as that’s where my entire family lives and where I plan on pursuing my 13 years of medical education after I graduate from high school in Ireland. I think that there is a reason that the total number of cases in the US is reaching 2 million, and that is because the government in unequipped and is run by an incompetent billionaire that definitely hasn’t taken the time to properly assess this situation and think about what this means for the country he is the president of.

in 2018, President Donald Trump disbanded the pandemic team in the white house, with not much reasoning other than it ‘not seeming necessary’.  it appears he was looking to cut costs and the pandemic team wasn’t active for many years, in preventing and helping with the control of pandemics, that is. Then, he told the American population that the virus is nothing for them to worry about, with just a couple of cases in the entire country, comprised of 50 states, and with a population of about 328 million.

when the virus finally started spreading at the beginning of March in the united states and the situation was worsening by the hour, stay at home orders were being established throughout the states and new laws were put into order in order to protect the citizens of the united states. However, people still were not staying at home, and Trump did not make it all seem clear or grave enough, which it was.

and then comes the public announcement, where he asks if injecting yourself with disinfectant would help to protect yourself against the virus. bear in mind, this was on public television, with thousands of loyal supporters tuned in, ready to do whatever the president they are so loyal to says to do. This caused some global reaction, mostly just laughs. But then, trump makes the bold move and threatens to remove the country from the WHO, the world health organization, the organization keeping the entire world afloat in these scary and dire times.

to conclude, I am simply astonished that this kind of man runs the most influential country in the world, and i can only hope he will come to his senses and sort out the mess he has got the entire country into.

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