what i’ve been up to (quarantine stuff cont.)

June 1st isn’t going to be the end of this all, and that’s the unfortunate fact. However, this time off has allowed me some valuable time to do some things I’ve been meaning to, so I’m going to explain my favorite of those things.

first, in an effort to get me out of the house and out of bed, my dad started offering to run or walk with me outside every single night. I was hesitant out of dislike for the damp, sweaty climate of this country, but I went along with it and didn’t completely detest it. It did definitely make falling asleep earlier. Then came the sudden feeling of compulsion to do workouts in my room, as it has become a trend as the virus keeps millions of teenage girls inside with nothing else to do but “perfect” their bodies.

I stuck with a workout routine for maybe a week or two, but it was just so boring and felt so pointless. one day, before my dad and my nightly walk, I asked if I could bring my skateboard. I hadn’t touched it since we moved to Singapore from America about five years ago and had a sudden interest in skating, mostly fuelled by the video I had been watching online of people skating, and I was fascinated with the sport.

the first night, I couldn’t even kick my board forwards and was terrified to put my two feet on the board, even on a flat road with no decline. So, I had my dad hold my hand and pull me forwards. We were at it for hours, and when we came home I had a scrape the size of my palm on my hip.

after about a week of consistent daily skating, I ordered myself a new board, which would be delivered in exactly a week. I did this because my current board had been mine for seven years, and was made for someone half my size, and had become completely eroded by the humidity. Just a few days later, while attempting to teach myself a complex trick in the driveway, I landed incorrectly and split one of my wheels open, which resulted in my board cracking on the pavement.

Lucky for me, I had a new one coming soon, so I definitely wasn’t completely devastated. When my new board came, I sprinted downstairs after hearing the doorbell and grabbed the package form the deliverer’s hands, and ripped it open outside the door of our house. when I saw the board, perfectly clean and new, I was ready to try it out. I was immediately excited by how easily it glided, and how it went easily double of the speed of my last board with half of the effort on my part.

Ever since I’ve been using it every day and I’m happy to say I think my skills have improved at least a bit, and I’ve found a new favorite hobby, all thanks to the boredom brought by being stuck inside.


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