Apex Harmony Lodge Reflection (4)

During our visit to the lodge, we need to reflect on the many sessions we have had regarding the attitude we have towards people with dementia. We also took this exact same piece at the first session of the service and comparing the two showed how my attitudes and views changed across the interactions.

This reflection was meaningful as we could see the difference that directly interacting with the people with dementia has had on our views and attitudes towards people with dementia. Even on the global scale, there is still a stigma towards mental health and disabilities, having the opportunity to interact with people with these mental health issues made me understand and engage with an issue of a global significance.

Also, the reflection wouldn’t have been meaningful to me if I didn’t have the commitment to work with the people with dementia every week. To add on, I also asked the lodge to be my client for my Computer Science project as I was keen on helping out the lodge for a mutual cause.

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