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  1. My name is Cara Jackson. I have been doing maths at UWC east since grade 5 and did my maths IGCSE’s.
  2. Most of the time, I do associate more negative feelings and emotions towards maths, mostly anxiety and frustration. However, if I do start to get a certain skill in maths and can complete questions on it quite quickly, then my feelings towards that area in maths will slowly become more positive.
  3. On the continuum (in the original document, link above), I probably stand towards the right-hand side, with maths, I do understand and work better with others, and having things explained to me.
  4. When I am ‘stuck’ in maths, I don’t immediately ask for help, I look over the questions, try to find where I went wrong, ask the people around me or the teacher.
  5. My strength in maths is A Self-Manager because, most of the time, I bring in all the materials I need for class. I think the area of which I would like to work on is being more optimistic when it comes to maths.
  6. I can get quite anxious at times and can go quiet. I can seem like I have spaced out when I haven’t, and there are times when I don’t say much in class because of my anxiety.

Homework Sheet:

I was having difficulty with the questions, the equations, and the graphs on the calculator, but I did as much as I could


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One thought on “IB – Maths and Me Post

  1. Thanks for this honest reflection Cara. I note your preferred methods of having lots of collaboration and not too much time struggling alone. I agree, best to work collaboratively together to help everyone understand new concepts. I’ll make sure to be aware if I see you struggling. Key thing is to keep chatting to each other. I see you have actually picked up a great payttern in the shapes homework. For shape 3 you have written ( 3 x 4) + ( 3 x 4 ) + 3

    Now if we extend this to shape 10,,,would we not get…. ( 10 x 11 ) + ( 10 x 11 ) + 3

    And so,,,for shape n we might get…. n x ( n+1) + n x (n + 1 ) + 3

    If we expand….n^2 + n + n ^2 + n + 3

    Which simplifies to 2n^2 + 2n + 3.
    This is the result you would get on your GDC as well. I’ll make a video over the next few days and share with you all. Happy second week !
    Mr. S

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