IB English Lit – Writers Sense of Self


I read A Millennial’s Guide to Kissing. (link) Here are my initial and further thought ideas answering these questions

  • What is revealed about the writer?
    • they are a dreamer, a traveller, a hopeless romantic, holds on to the good memories, in the beginning, the author was apprehensive, in the end, left wanting to embrace the story and the future possibility of more silly little encounters, aware about social issues (technology taking over the world)
  • How does the writer develop a sense of self and their world?
    • What I got out of reading the text was the idea that we tend to spend too much time worrying about the bigger parts of life, missing out or overlooking the small wonderful moments.
    • “It’s just that my generation has turned this avoidance into a science, perfecting the separation of the physical from the emotional. We truncate whenever possible: texting over calling, meeting over apps rather than in person. We leave in the early morning without saying goodbye. Being casual is cooler than intimacy and vulnerability. Or so we think.”
    • We spend too much time on our devices, not spending enough time taking in the wonderful world around us.
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