Contact Rugby – Coaching Course – 23rd February 2020 – LO1, LO4

25th February 2020

On the 23rd of February (Sunday), I went on a World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Course from 9 am to 5 pm. There were around 25 participants in total, myself included. 2 of us were younger than 20. My rugby friend Annabel was there as well, she is in the Girls under 16 (U16) group, I am in the Girls under 18 (U18) group. The rest of the participants were dads and one mum from Tanglin Rugby Club.

Leading up to the course, I had to complete 5 exams; Introduction to Coaching, Key Factor Analysis, General Concussion Management, Rugby Ready and Laws of the Game (Rugby Union). Once I had completed each exam and got a score of 100% on each, I received online certificates, which I needed to print out to take to the course. (pictures below)

Then the day consisted of having a short recap of the elements of the exams, and then we got split into groups, given an area of rugby, and 10 minutes to plan a small drill or game to play. We then had to conduct the drill, the other participants of the course becoming the players, and in turn, individually become the coaches. My first area was punt kicks, I had 7 Dads that I needed to explain how to do the drill, and conduct the drill and then debrief afterward. It went quite well, but there were areas of development that I took into account later on in the day.

After lunch, we then got split into new groups, given a new area of rugby or a training session and 30 minutes to plan. I was given the task of creating a Warm-Up game, which is at the start of the training, to get the players’ blood pumping, and muscles ready to start other drills and games that would develop their playing skills. Warm-ups are important because they help the players stay safe, and it decreases the chance of injuring muscles. I conducted a game where I split the group into two, and challenged their communication and space finding skills. These are important skills that are needed in every rugby game and drill. I think the drill went well, the feedback from the dads was that it was a good game to warm up with, and they were warmed up afterward and ready to start training. There were areas of improvement, but I reflected on those with the World Rugby representative.

Below are some pictures from the day, I wasn’t able to take pictures of me conducting the drill, but I have pictures of the group going through areas from the exams, my planning for the first drill and planning for the second drill.

UPDATE: 02/03/20

I passed! I am now a level 1 Coach! I am still helping out with the U10 Girls, so I will be using my learning from the course to help the U10’s improve.


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