ELP – Paper 1 Practice Reflection

Tuesday, 26th January 2021

We wrote a paper one last week, I wrote mine on ‘Eat Me’ by Patience Agbabi. I quite liked this poem and had a lot of ideas surrounding it. I waffled on about the ideas for a while, so the structure of my essay was not great, as well as an end goal. I ran out of time and did not write a conclusion or tie up my points. Without a plan and without a clear end goal, my essay was a bit all over the place and may not have made sense at times. 

However, I really liked the poem, the story behind it is powerful, I related to it and it made me think about the issue and the use of language in the poem more deeply.

We talked about tone as well in class, as a lot of students used tone in the wrong way.  Here are my notes:

  • The tone is the intention of the writer
  • The mood is the effect of the tone
  • Formality is a register
  • Tone can contribute to the atmosphere
  • A characters tone has an impact on the scene
  • The atmosphere is the feeling of the environment as constructed by a writers description of the environment and objects within that setting.
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