Project Week Planning

Project Week planning so far has been an interesting, and at times frustrating experience but overall still enjoyable and I’m really looking forward to it. My group is Sophie, Manasi, Devika and I – and honestly last year or even at the beginning of grade 11 I wouldn’t have imagined this group because we didn’t know each other but I really like the group and I’m glad this has given us an opportunity to get closer.

I took on the role of first aider so I attended the day long first aid training which hopefully we won’t need while we are there. We initially had some problems because the flights to Nepal are very long and quite expensive however we managed to sort it out and have established a good relationship with our service partners (Her Farm) and we found a suitable trekking company who always reply very enthusiastically even when we send them a lot of questions.

I’ve learnt quite a lot from this planning -some of my group members such as Manasi have worked really really hard to help sort our project week so it is important for me to make sure I stay involved and offer my help as much as possible. Whilst we had a lot of ideas initially about where we wanted to go in Nepal and what we wanted to do, we had to be realistic and narrow it down which meant making some sacrifices here and there- especially because we are an all-girls group in Nepal we have had to think a lot about how to make sure we remain safe- which has added a bit more pressure during the planning but is an important aspect to consider.

This planning has made me aware that I need better organisation and time planning because I only shared most of the details with my parents later on which they were understandably not happy with so this is something to remember for the rest of project week planning but also future experiences such as EE- it’s better to share details bit by bit rather than right before the deadline.

This is the main folder which contains our planning docs, itinerary, flight details etc.



Project week has unfortunately finally come to an end but I really did love this experience and to be honest was better than I thought it would be! It was great to see how much of an impact all our planning had in making the whole week so much smoother.


What activities did I plan? ● What was the outcome of my planning? How do I know? ● How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why? ● What difficulties did I face in executing my plan? How did I overcome these challenges? ● How did I respond to changes in plans? Would I respond the same way in future? Why/why not?

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