This October 13th, I decided to partake in a spartan race, in the hardest category (super) which was a 13+km run, 26 obstacles and 30 burpees for an obstacle missed. Some of the obstacles were extremely hard as the I would run the same course as the elite men category.

Attached are the photos from 2 of the obstacles, the barbed wire crawl, and the 60kg bucket carry and the finishing fire jump.(due to the rain there was no fire)


I have decided this year to partake in a service (Global Concern) I feel strongly about, I have signed up and been accepted and allocated into the global concern; surfaid. This service will last for the whole year, and will take place every Tuesday lunchtime. This services name is surfaid and we strive to reduce malaria and help locals, this year in October we will be hosting an event called “swimdonesia” where swimmers (who make up most of the service) or anyone in UWC can receive a pledge card in groups, pledging to swim laps to earn money for the Global concern of surfaid. 100% profits go to surfaid; and in the service right now we are brainstorming/carrying out ideas such as:

Finishing our planning and carrying out stage as soon as we can so that we can start advertising the event/ and bring in as many people as we can to partake in this wonderful event. Last session; the chair Benjamin Lim has presented an idea of having have the pool for swimmers, to swim laps and the other half of the pool we can have obstacle floats; selling for wristbands/paper tickets for $10. We also went through the entertainment perspective and decided that since the event is 1 week before the unplugged concert, we could kindly ask the crew to perform for us/do a dry run as a form of entertainment. Or we could find a willing DJ from the DJ club in school such as one of the swimmers. I am very excited to help and participate in the service and it’s events, and am looking forward to my contributions to this wonderful global concern.

2 inspirational images, submitted for photography contest on the NYTIMES

My first image specifically shows that even as technology is developing; and teenagers are becoming more and more addicted, when we really get out into the wilderness; we can truly make new friends; and have the time of our lives. These days all teenagers do is stress about school or sit and watch youtube or play games. Which truly doesn’t make sense to me, wouldn’t you rather go out and meet people face to face rather than on skype, wouldn’t you rather have friends in real life rather than a huge friend list on facebook?

Social media and technology is slowly as if trespassing into younger and younger children and the effects can be devastating. There’s a huge rift slowly forming between teenagers in schools, the ones who are really passionate in any field of sport (being an athlete myself) and the people who just go to school because they are forces to and don’t do anything aside from friends and school. A teenagers life shouldn’t be JUST school, I encourage and recommend everything to find something they like such as a hobby, or passion and really carry that out; work on it and get better at it. Stop staring at screens and get outside and do something; anything before it’s too late.




Former coach shoutouts

I’d like to give a little shoutout to 3 specific former coaches of mine, they’ve all helped me through tough times; helped me improve and encouraged me to do better, get faster, fitter and stronger. The first shoutout I would like to give is to Mrs.Upston, one of my former physical education coaches, she unfortunately no longer teaches at UWCSEA. Mrs.Upston was my favourite Physical educations teacher because she was able to successfully teach us, challenge us while making us have a blast (fun) and really look forward to P.E. in the week. The second and third shoutouts go to to 2 of my former swim coaches, who have also left UWCSEA to coach elsewhere and travel the word; Coach James and Coach Cash both helped me so much along my swim journey, Coach James helped me with my technique and being able to keep up with everything when I was younger, in white squad. Coach Cash helped me most specifically in g7, where he would let me train with him; as he saw my potential and that I was committed to really improving/getting better at swimming, I would regularly train with him in the mornings and evenings and through him I became and official senior member in g8. Coach Cash really really helped me improve and he was a very outgoing and fun person to be around, I was really when Coach James and Coach Cash left UWCSEA. These coaches all shared something in common, they were all committed to teaching, while having fun from time to time. They all really inspire me to grow and develop my personality into a more outgoing and joyful one. The impact a coach can have you isn’t purely upon you, coach’s all have different ways of teaching and enforcing learning and these coaches have exceled and have left their mark on me, a really good one. Unfortunately as they have left I will no longer have them as coaches however I will remember most of my favourite coaches forever.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

The answer is everything, I am looking forward to getting to know my teachers and classmates better, as well as extending my knowledge and getting myself through IGCSE. I am also quite excited to learn more outside the box information and gain skills such as being able to ideate and draw well and fast in DTRM with Mr.Zobrist. I am also learning lots of new intelligence from Mr.Dinsdale in the subject of geography. I also am very happy with my subject choices, and am really looking forward to doubting and challenging myself in dicussion in economics with Mr.Owens. High school so far has been great and in some subjects I have already learnt a lot. I am also really looking forward to participating in my GC Surfaid, and whatever local service I choose in s3 and s4. I obviously look forward to getting better at swimming throughout the year, and have set goals in place for both short-term and long-term periods of time. I am looking forward towards tests, and am working hard to maybe get into Ad-math after the first test if I would like too. I am also quite muscly and since lunch time is later I have to bring and eat a lot more snack and food before lunch.

Start of G9 IGCSE course

This week has been my first week in high school and the IGCSE course. I have been allocated to the three classes I have been interested in and have decided to take for my course

-Design & Technology Resistant materials



I am really happy with my course choices, although this week has indeed been quite boring; mostly icebreakers and stuff. I was able to meet all my new teachers. I am excited to start my work, though this week we haven’t done much work and it’s been quite boring with all the icebreakers. However, through the icebreakers, assemblies and mentor times. I have gotten to know the strengths and weaknesses of my class, and have gotten to know people better and make new friends. I am really excited to learn more and extend my knowledge in these subjects that i’ve chosen, and i’m really happy with all of my teachers.

How does the making of a song relate to a school year

When I watched the video of the making of Ed-Sheerans worldwide hit “shape of you” I was able to relate many parts of my school life, Just like Ed,  I am a very passionate person and always want to jump straight into things. Maybe sometimes even rush into things, however just like Ed does I am able to collaborate well with peers in group works such as this group project with Ed Sheeran, Johnny Mcdaid and Steve mac. I feel like this video really shows how you should really have a freestyle flow in life, and as Ed shows in the video experiment with everything, out of curiosity and if something doesn’t work you always have many other options. I also did the personality quiz and I got the role of executive which i honestly think is completely wrong, I am an outgoing person however I am organised, practical and intuitive; when in school I try my best to impress and I usually set goals for myself to achieve in both the short term future and the long term future. I feel personally that aside from homework tasks given in school it is truly very important to set proper goals, as it shows progress even if you don’t make those goals it makes for the next year and the next. Goals can also show others about you, what’s your dream goal? ect… As you could hear John Mcdaid was constructing on with Ed in this video “He would constantly come up with different beats and lines and we were able to work out the song pretty quickly within 15 minutes we had a beat going and everything” I think this really is a big example of coaching and teaching and one big inspiration to me is my dragons swimming coaches, Coach Martin and Coach Smith.