LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in your CAS experience.

I find myself more anxious than I was at the beginning. Maybe it’s because now, assignments are building up, and there are more things playing on my mind than before. I’m impressed with the progress of the dancers, and their ability to pick up new steps. However, I find myself frustrated that they don’t give the same energy as I do leading. This experience means a lot to me, and I want it to not only be a reflection of not only my effort but my passion for dance generally. I want the results to reflect all the time and energy I have put into the dance over the past 6 months, not only the one month I’ve been teaching it. The dance is a reflection of my efforts as a Culturama leader, an experience that I will remember forever and learn from. I want to be able to look back at this with pride, not regret and disappointment. I know that I will look back at this as a true moment of pride and masses of self-respect. At the moment though, I find myself skimming past the journey without the time to fully acknowledge and appreciate it. After Culturama is over, I think it’ll be important for me to take a moment to go through all the things that have happened prior to getting up on stage and performing on October 4th, at 5:30 p.m, right from the beginning, from January 2018. From earlier actually, from October 2017, when I was a part of the India dance and made it my goal to lead one. Even if it took all the courage and perseverance from me.