LO5  – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Interacting with the children for the first time, and somewhat leading the activity with Hannah has opened my eyes yet again to the benefits of having a partner when in charge of something. A last-minute decision had Hannah and I leading the activity on Friday, without prior organisation. However, we managed to successfully organize the materials needed and allow the children to enjoy the hour with us. Hannah and I had implicitly given each other certain roles, for instance, during musical chairs I would remove the chairs and then pass it to Hannah to put away. Another example of our collaborative working was Hannah distributing the colour pencils for colouring and I put them away at the end of the activity. Leading this session in the last minute manner would have been much more difficult if I had to do all of this myself. I would have made mistakes and would have generally struggled.

It was not just Hannah that allowed this session to effectively run. It was every individual in the service who aided us without even being asked. They offered us help and took initiative themselves by simply observing where there were gaps. I believe that our service group has a good understanding of what it takes to organise activities alone, without the added 20 three-year-olds. We, therefore, know that everyone needs to be active, and it isn’t a session of play for us. It is a session of leadership, regardless of who the two designated leaders are that week.