LO2 – Demonstrate that you have undertaken, developing new skills in the process

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in you CAS experiences

This production was special in many ways. In between the chaos and creativity, I believe we as a cast found connections, with our characters, with each other and with the themes of the play. This experience allowed me to grow not only as a performer, but as an person. I rediscovered my love for theatre and performing. I discovered my admiration for my peer’s, their dedication, attention to detail and passion. With that I found myself empowered to put my all into this play, and even in the most taxing times, never question the capabilities of myself and of the cast. Being a part of this production taught me that there is power in tenacity, collaboration and mutual respect. Being a part of this production taught me that there are fewer things more rewarding than seeing your visions and ideas come to life. It taught me that my courage and passion is greater than my fear.This experience is something I will recall for many years to come as we share an emotional goodbye to¬† to the drama studios and to the black box, where we can still see remnants of our younger, lost selves.