I greatly enjoyed my EE process. I learnt important skills, such as how to use and understand academic papers, and how to manage my time and work effectively. These are skills I will carry for life. What surprised my about my research was discovering that boys are more vulnerable to the effects of postpartum depression. This is something I did not expect and I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore this findings, thinking about the possible explanations for this. If I were to do this EE again I would consider the impact of cultures (individualistic vs collectivistic) to explore how PPD may not be the only effect on cognitive ability. My advice to students starting their EE would be to ensure that they choose a topic they enjoy. This means taking the time to brainstorm and think about topics you enjoy during the planning/proposal stages, instead of it last minute. It was also important that I discussed my potential topics with my subject teachers to understand whether the topic was specific and unique enough. This was essential for me to enjoy the process as my topic was something I was willingly to spend hours researching.