Cross Country – My reflection on this experience

My running experience has come to an end for this season, only in school though. I joined this club because I developed an interest in running over the summer holidays. I started running because I wanted to loose weight an increase my stamina to battle my history with Asthma. Once I started running during the holidays, I slowly started to like it and once I found out that I could join the cross country club at school, I joined immediately so that I could become more physically fit through running. This links to the first learning outcome, which mentions developing areas of personal growth, which in this case is physical fitness. I also think that I learnt many different techniques I could use while running to improve my timing and get faster. Hence, I believe that I undertook the second learning outcome as well, because I developed new skills by going through this challenging course.

All CAS reflections aside, I feel bad that I won’t be able to pursue cross country in a team because I’m not fast enough for it. However, I feel inspired because of this experience and I will continue to incorporate running as cardio into my exercises. In conclusion, this was a very inspiring activity that helped me further recognise my interest in running as a hobby and helped me develop new skills in running at the same time.

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