Green Umbrella – My experience in this Global Concern so far.

When I was browsing the activities and services website in search for a global concern that I would be interested in, I immediately felt drawn towards the ambitions of the Green Umbrella Global Concern. I have always felt passionate about helping the environment as well helping people in need. I also like to explain things to people, which generally relates to helping peers in the classroom. I saw that this GC focuses on educating children in Cambodia within a clean and green environment. What this GC is working towards is what I hope to see in the world, a greener, healthier environment and educating people in developing parts of the world. Following the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”, I signed up for Green Umbrella because this experience would help me learn how to contribute to solving the concerns that exist all around the globe.

Although my experience is only in its initial phases, I aim to create an effective plan that can be implemented as well. As I will be working in a team, I will do this collaboratively with my peers and we will work towards a sustainable and effective solution to the issues we observe. However, we must be careful about what we do because people will actually be affected by our decisions. (No pressure) That’s why we will have to carefully evaluate any effects, good or bad, that could occur by what we decide to do.

I believe that this experience will be really good for me because I hope to develop a more caring and mindfully aware attitude through this experience which I can use to help more people in my future.

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