MUN – My experience in this activity

For the past year I have been participating in MUN only to regret one thing- I never joined this club earlier. Ever since my first conference I knew that this would be one of the most memorable and enhancing experiences. Before joining this club I hadn’t been very effective at vocalising my thoughts and I hadn’t been much of a collaborating person either. Because of the experiences I had in the 4 MUN conferences I attended so far I have been able to boost my communicative and collaborative skills while developing my confidence as well. Because of MUN I have been able to see why collaborating on a subject is much more efficient because everyone gets to see different perspectives of people. To come to the best possible solution to anything, every perspective must be considered and the problem should be viewed from every angle before reaching the solution.

More than my interpersonal skills, my research capabilities have improved as well because of MUN. I research more about global and political issues and I am more engaged in discussions in general. I am more aware of global issues and I have also debated some potential solutions to the pressing issues in the conferences. This activity is even more exciting because we have to analyse the real-world implications of the solutions that we propose. Also, because the topics and committees change every conference, I get exposed to many different types of issues which help me develop a more wholistic approach to anything I encounter.

Right now I have only been a delegate in this activity but I am aiming at going up the ranks and becoming a chair soon so that I can also develop my leadership skills and get to know how it is to be a chair at one of these conferences. I am very passionate about MUN and I think that this will be one of my favourite and memorable experience (if not the most) of high school.

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