Music Therapy with APEX – My experience so far

I initially joined this club for 2 reasons. Firstly, because I play the guitar and I was hoping that I could use this skill to help the elderly. Which brings me to my second reason, I want to help the elderly people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s in whichever way I can. At our first session I realised that it would be unlikely for me to incorporate the guitar into this service. We were also made aware of the fact that it is likely for the therapy to yield no results, so we mustn’t be disappointed if that were the case.

However, despite these setbacks and challenges, I am still eager to help these people because I can’t stand back and just watch it happen when we know that a possible solution is out there. Even if it doesn’t have any effect at the end, at least I would know that I tried my best and that if that weren’t enough, then there’s isn’t much more that I could do to help.

I am going into this service with the fact in mind that I have never directly helped elderly people except for running errands for my grandparents and helping them when they need it. Neither have I seen people with dementia or Alzheimer’s myself, much less help them. Undeterred by these facts, I am hopeful about this service and I hope that this experience will help me develop new skills and give me further insight on how my actions affect those around me.

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