STEM Club – My experience in this activity

In this activity, we discuss the implications of developments in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Every week a topic is presented and then the club discusses how the topic can effect people and change society. I found this to be much like the MUN club where we discuss global issues. However, in this club we don’t find any solutions, we merely discuss the state of the topics. This way I am able to utilise my MUN mindset in topics of STEM as well. Again, like MUN, we discuss these issues collaboratively, which makes people participative and different viewpoints are raised. However, I found this club to be rather disappointing so far because rather than discussing the actual science behind the topics and making something, we are just discussing these topics, which makes this club less focused than I hoped for it to be. I might have expected something and gotten something else from this club, which would make this issue a bit more subjective. However, I would like it if I could talk to the teacher in charge and request some changes to happen in this club so that the core of the club remains the same, but is becomes more focused and relevant to STEM.

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