2 MUN conferences in 2 seasons

As I have been saying from the start, I have always been dedicated and have fully enjoyed all my MUN experiences and these two conferences have added to my list. For UWCMUN I was in the IMF committee and for MUNOFS I was in JCC. As I am told, both these committees are for more experienced delegates who are more adapted to the formal environment of a MUN conference. Both these committees were fun to take part in because each of them were unique and had their ow

n differences to a typical MUN committee. The IMF committee is the only committee which has the duty to openly speak of expenses and the delegates take form of “directors”. Although this is a slight difference, it changes the premise of the committee and is a unique experience of it’s own. Unfortunately, I had the SAT on the same day so I missed nearly half of the debate. However, despite this absence I was able to grasp the pace of the committee and I was able to develop my communication skills because I had to be more mindful because this committee was much more focused than any other committee I have been in before. We had talked about issues regarding the Chinese debt crisis all the way to cryptocurrencies. All these topics help me expand my base of knowledge regarding issues that are prevalent in our society.

MUNOFS was particularly fun because I had the opportunity to be in this specialised committee where we work in a team of 4. JCC is an exclusive committee where the procedure is nothing at all like nay other MUN committee because there is rarely any formal debate, it is much more informal and the topic of discussion was very interesting – “the nuclear threat posed by the DPRK”. Since we were representing the DPRK, there was a lot of pressure on us

beause the entire committee was focused on us and since it was informal, we felt the pressure. JCC is a very hyper-realistic committee where many different things can happen and I applaud the chairs for making various interesting events occur over the course of our conference. It was really fun because we all came up with creative solutions to issues or sometimes even propagate some other issues if they favoured our stance. This was a really fun committee to be in and I hope that I get the opportunity to be a part of this committee again in the future because I have learnt that in order to be proficient in this committee, I must be a more proactive member and be much more quicker than a normal MUN committee demands. I would also like to extend my MUN experience by being a chair once so that I can understand what that feels like too apart from being just a delegate.

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