HS Beyond Snapshots

In the last two weeks of the activity we have learnt about how the light allowed into the camera can be manages by using the ISO and also shutter speed when the aperture is kept the same. We also focused on making the picture more interesting by adding some foreground so that the picture isn’t so simple. Last week we learnt how the wide lens camera differs from the telephoto lens and how much of a difference it can make to the picture as a telephoto lens makes everything look much more natural and compact. This was a technique that I was new to and one that I feel can significantly enhance my photos.

HS Beyond Snapshots

I joined photography because of my interest in taking photos and also understanding how a DSLR camera works in order to take better photos and optimise the use of the features on my camera. I am new to photography as I bought my camera this summer and so this had been a great opportunity to improve my photographs. Using a DSLR camera is very different from the camera many people use nowadays which is on the smartphone. Smartphones are almost always automatic however in a DSLR the photographer can access much more such as the light, the depth of field, the blur. All these options can drastically change the image which smartphones can’t do. Furthermore DSLRs have better sensors so the pictures have much greater detail and pixels enhancing the colour and the sharpness of the image. So far we have learnt about the aperture and shutter speed as well as how different angles and positions can change the image. These features aren’t entirely new to me because when I bought the camera I did some of this research so I was aware of how aperture and the shutter speed functions. The main thing I learnt was the idea of how perspective can change the atmosphere of an image for example birds eye view or worms eye view.

Beginner MUN

The UWCSEA MUN conference was a memorable experience because it was the first conference I took part in. I was a pager at the conference allowing me to observe how conferences progress and also how delegates communicate with each other through notes, speeches and POI’s. Furthermore I was able to absorb the way delegates presented themselves and how they structured their speeches. Additionally I witnessed how smartly other delegates come up with POI’s and the detail in which they observe the speech and the resolution to catch other delegates out. Lastly the way the chair has to conduct the conference was very interesting and the language delegates and the chairs had to use for example if the delegate wanted to ask the chair something they would have to say, “point of information to the chair?”

I look forward to continuing MUN and more importantly taking part in MUNOFS in which I have been allocated a role in the committee UNESCO for the delegation of France.

Beginner MUN

Beginner MUN has been thoroughly enjoyable and it is an activity I am glad I chose because of its unique experience. I regret not joining MUN before especially after my friends telling me to do so. So far in MUN we have learnt how the conferences and resolutions function as well as what is inside a resolution and how the conference develops overtime. We also learned the way delegates talk as they can’t refer to themselves in first person and the formal atmosphere that is created when delegates and chairs communicate with each other.

Empowering through music with Down Syndrome Association

We had our first session of the DSA service. When we started the session we were asked to dance along to a just dance video clip which was a bit uncomfortable for me. After the activity we realised that we will do things that are out of our comfort zones when working with the Down syndrome Association (DSA).  I feel excited for the year ahead especially to meet the people because it will be a different experience for me.

What have I done so far

All the activities and services have started this week and I am quite impressed by the variety and opportunities available. Apart from Friday I am involved in an activity of service for example on Monday’s I have a photography related club and on Tuesdays I have a Global Concern Service and SEAMC after school. On Wednesdays I am doing MUN which is a new experience for me because I have never done it before and on Thursdays I have my local service which is Empowering through music with Down syndrome Association. I enjoyed the first session of MUN because of the unique experience to represent a community and engage with other delegates in order to raise or support a point. I have always been fascinated by photography so I was glad to make it into the club and pursue my passion further. For my local service I felt uncomfortable at first because we had to do a just dance as a group which is something I rarely do however I feel the point of the activity was to step out of our comfort zone as we will be working with people who we can’t judge and neither do they. I have taught badminton to children before but never worked with people who have a disability so I look forward to the rest of the year.


Over the course of the two years as a part of CAS I hope to try several activities and services, some f which I would have participated in before and some that are new. I enjoy sports and so I will continue to participate them and even tryout for the school teams. Furthermore I want to take up photography as something I have never done before but always been interested in. Photography is an art and therefore can count as a creative in the CAS programme. Last but not least I will do a service in order to help other people who require it and also engage with them to build more relationships.


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