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I joined photography because of my interest in taking photos and also understanding how a DSLR camera works in order to take better photos and optimise the use of the features on my camera. I am new to photography as I bought my camera this summer and so this had been a great opportunity to improve my photographs. Using a DSLR camera is very different from the camera many people use nowadays which is on the smartphone. Smartphones are almost always automatic however in a DSLR the photographer can access much more such as the light, the depth of field, the blur. All these options can drastically change the image which smartphones can’t do. Furthermore DSLRs have better sensors so the pictures have much greater detail and pixels enhancing the colour and the sharpness of the image. So far we have learnt about the aperture and shutter speed as well as how different angles and positions can change the image. These features aren’t entirely new to me because when I bought the camera I did some of this research so I was aware of how aperture and the shutter speed functions. The main thing I learnt was the idea of how perspective can change the atmosphere of an image for example birds eye view or worms eye view.

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