This year, I took part in two services – Middle School Math Mentors and coaching the U12 Girls’ Football team.

I participated in MS Math Mentors since the beginning of the year. Although it was slightly awkward for me to help out at the start due to my lack of connection with the students, I now often clarify any doubts and ask them questions to allow them to approach a question in a new way.

Despite not signing up for coaching the football team, I decided to help out after my coach asked me. I was on the fence about participating, however, I am really glad that I did. I think some of the players feel more comfortable asking me for advice on skills or tactics rather than the coach since I have been able to get along well with them. During matches, I have encouraged and guided the team, improving both my and the team’s skills.

I found both services to be extremely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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