Reading Aspirations 2019-2020

Currently, my reading has been very limited. Looking forward, I want to expand the number of genres I read and generally just read more. I’ve realized the importance of reading books because from forced reading I’ve noticed changes in my perspective and thought. However, choosing books that grab my attention can be challenging at times but I still want to dip into genres such as historical fiction or science fiction. For me, it’s tough knowing which books to read first. If the first book I read is boring from a new genre, I would normally attempt to stay away from that certain type of genre. Although I know that it is not purely for enjoyment, I do want to look at topics that interest me when reading a certain type of genre.

I think looking through ideas that interest me, would help propel me to read more often and slowly broaden my horizon. In the beginning, I would most likely need specific times for reading to get me started but after that, I think it would be easier.

Some books I may want to read would be:

  • The Outliers
  • Thinking Fast and, Slow
  • All the Light We Cannot See
  • Lord of the Flies
  • The Mocking Bird

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