Poetry at the Start

My journey with poetry began in grade 4 when I started to explore types of poems and structures of poems. My current understanding of poetry has slowly formed over the years by reading and even writing my own poems. Famous poets such as Edgar Allen Poe, Shel Silverstein, Langston Hughes, all seem to have their differences which are really intriguing when looking into these works of art. I believe poetry is the art of expressing emotion through everyday words and/or figurative language. Through any path, each poem should have its own message veiled behind the words that blindly lie on paper. When reading poems, I truly am focused on the word choice and the emotions the writer tries to communicate through the words. My guesses on the messages are usually based on the connotation of the word or even how that certain word is used in other writing pieces. However, I lack in observing the structure of the poems.

Starting this unit really excites me as I am looking forward to exploring more about poetry. I am looking forward to analyzing a variety of poems and getting different perceptions of how poems are interpreted by others.

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