Reflection on Writer’s Fortnight

For the past two weeks (and what feels like longer), we have been writing and researching for our final Writer’s Fortnight Project. Some of the topics I learned about, I was able to apply while writing this article. From my understanding of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, I was able to identify some of the parts to create a successful article. In addition, I was also able to use my knowledge of what journalism is to help develop my article into something interesting to read.

Throughout the process and feedback given to me by my peers, teachers, and mentors, I learned a lot about how research and personal opinion can change the article and give it a purpose. In my first draft of my article, the feedback I got was that it was simply retelling the story. It seemed I needed more research and opinion. After going back the second time, I felt more successful. With my statistics and research backing my opinions and story, it gave it purpose and seemed to be a more meaningful article. The feedback and comments also allowed me to make new connections! I realized how important it was to have a central focus point and to get the research that backed it up.

In terms of my ATL’s, I hope I do score high in this section. In my first draft, I thought it was a well thought out article. However, although it was a story, it did not meet the criteria for an article. Although it upset me, I felt I was able to continue and was determined to make it better. Having seemed to accomplish this in the end, it made me proud of what I had written. I was surprised how I did not just simply give up and redo the whole entire article but instead use the good parts of my article and rework it.

I think the ATL that was most effective was the self-management ATL. This is because it took a strong mindset, time management, and other personal factors to make this article come through in time for the due date. To have managed this big project is quite a big deal and regards mainly for each individual.

For my attainment mark, I hope to reach at least a 6. This is because I believe I used the human carousel story in an effective way to give the reader something real and emotional to connect to but did not overdo it like my first draft.  In addition, I kept a pretty consistent metaphor throughout my article comparing Bipolar to an attacker and a person carrying bipolar to a victim which gave the reader something to visualize. Throughout my article, I infused pieces of data and research to make my article more reliable and trustworthy. In this piece, I feel that I really turned my final draft around from the first draft I did and am very proud of that. I hope I reach the level that I put in my head.

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