Zen Zen Zo Workshop

It might just be because that week I was feeling kind of down, but it was hard for me to get into the proper mood for the “white line” exercise thing. I spent most of the week feeling dull and in a neutral state of mind, so it was hard to get into an excited mood. I didn’t really “solve” the problem; I just gave it the best I could. I think that as long as I was willing to work hard for the workshop, it was fine not being so happy and excited.

It was also hard keeping multiple tasks in mind. When we were stomping around the stage, it was difficult for me to make sure I was stomping down hard enough, if I was keeping my stance correct, if I was keeping a good enough tempo or whether I was on beat with the music or not (there is a reason why I failed at band in my old school), at the same time as keeping in mind where my classmates were, the gaps created on the stage, and being aware of the audience. At one point, I found myself kind of just zoning out instead of focusing. I think. I don’t really remember much of how I got through this exercise. If I ever had a moment when I just disconnected from my body, this is the moment. I think given enough time, I would have eventually got it; but since we had limited time, I didn’t really solve that problem too.

I think I did well on the energy level exercise, at level one, when we had no energy. It’s me every day and every weekend.

Most of the things we did during the workshop was hard. Making the stance was also hard because since I have flat feet, it’s hard to keep my feet together and my toes touching. My feet kind of want to stay in a pidgeon-foot formation.

I find it difficult to keep track of multiple things at once, and the workshop helped me be aware of how much more I need to keep in mind while acting. Before I thought it was just my lines, other people’s lines, what other people were doing, what I was doing and going to do, and what my posture was. Now I know there is so much more. And that is terrifying.

Probably write down the things to keep in mind on my notes, think more of how to implement the Suzuki stance into my acting, remember to keep my energy at a level six.

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