Very Gorgeous 3 Gorges Dam

China, being one of the most growing country in the world for the past few years, it has produced lots of toxic gases. In order to prevent the creation of these gases, China built this dam in the Yangtze River, named 3 Gorges Dam. By doing so, it was believed to resolve the problem of massive harmful substances from China, with the use of hydro-electric power. However as time passed by, some problems were found too. These problems have started to question people whether it was a good choice to build 3 Gorges Dam. I do believe it was a good choice for China to make, based on few reasons.

First of all, by the completion of 3 Gorges Dam, there was a significant change in the production of toxic substances. As 3 Gorges Dam use hydro-electric power, which is a environmentally friendly energy, no gases are being created. Not only being environmentally friendly, but also it can supply a large amount of electricity so that 1/3 of the Chinese households can be powered. This amount of energy can be produced by the use of 50 million tonnes of coal, and this is a very large amount of coal which would produce a lot of harmful gases. By the construction of 3 Gorges Dam, the use of coal has reduced a lot, which is very helpful for the environment.

Secondly, it has lots of economic advantages. By the construction of this dam, it has become available for the big ships to pass by the river, and as a result, the trading also have been available through the movement of ships. Also, new jobs are being created due to this dam, such as cleaning up the river or the occupations related to the transportation for the migration of citizens. These jobs have not only decreased the unemployment rate, but also started to clean up the river as well, which is very good.

Lastly, the benefits due to the construction outweighs the problems by a lot. The problems made can be fixed very easily. For instance, for the houses damaged due to the landslide can simply be compensated by the government, or can be moved to somewhere else in China with a similar environmental condition. Also, it is much easier to just clean up the garbages in the river rather than reducing the amount of harmful substances.

Due to this reasons, I believe it was a good choice to make this dam.

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