• Women in advertising

    To what extent does the representation of women in advertising reflect or challenge the identity of women?   The advertisements below are considered to be gender advertisements. Each of them portrays women through strong, powerful and confident characters. The first ad shows the woman worker with the flexed biceps. The woman wears working clothes, meanwhile, […]

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  • Rape Culture in Adverts

    The modern industry loves to romanticise unhealthy trends and tendencies. Rape culture is now becoming more noticeable in media and advertisements. The advertisement on the left is made by American Apparel, a North American clothing manufacturer. The image clearly shows the idea of male dominance.  The picture on the right is a part of BURO […]

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  • Representation

    Can texts ever be truly representative of groups of people? Who gets to represent a group and who doesn’t? (Who gets to tell what?) Is the act of representation problematic? Our planet is a unique environment and is home to more than 1000 ethnic groups and 4000 religions. Representation has an important role in such […]

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  • My identity

    Hi! The question of identity is quite relevant in modern society. The way we identify ourselves helps us to get a clear idea of who we are and what do we want to make in the future. There are some parts of our identity, that are more noticeable and create the first impression. I am […]

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  • Maths and Me

    Hey. This year I am starting Maths HL course on Application and Interpretation. I had previous experience of studying IGSCE-based programme. I feel excited to start the course, however, I realise that there is plenty of work to be done. I enjoy Math because it has a variety of applications in real life/other areas. The […]

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