What its like for me to be at UWCSEA

UWC is unlike any other school I’ve ever been to before. Most schools spout nonsense about their “holistic” education that creates a well-rounded person in the years they preside at that school. No school I’ve been to has actually ever delivered on that promise. UWCSEA is different, in the three weeks I’ve been here ive received the most holistic and fair information in my entire life I’ve been exposed to sports, arts, academics and service that pushes the boundaries of what I usually would have the ability to do. I have opportunities at this school which I never would have gotten anywhere else in the world, which amazes me. So far moving to this school has been the hardest decision of my life and the best one I’ve ever made. This school is such a special place for me to be, considering I’ve been in the Singaporean local school my entire life with teachers that couldn’t care less about the individual, and would rather have all of us be exactly the same, the teachers and their attitude to their students is so humbling and it makes me feel like I’m an important tooth in the cogs of this school.

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