Initial Reflection from RC1

My supervisor and I discussed many things during our first meeting as it was important to clarify what exactly my essay would be about. I originally wanted to do a world studies essay about economics and computer science exploring the reliability of a trading strategy. My other option, for economics, was to investigate whether the 2017 tax cuts in the United States increased capex from corporations or not to aid economic development, as this was the intended outcome. We decided after talking with some other supervisors that I should go for the economics one as it would allow me to use more subject relevant knowledge. He had some concerns such as being able to analyse the reasoning behind actions well enough, to make evaluations using economic theory, and that this would be difficult to do on the scale of the economy as a whole. He suggested I research a handful of companies themselves, which would allow me to explore specific examples and their idiosyncrasies, which wouldn’t be feasible to do in depth for the entire economy as a whole to analyse the impact on society.

G10 GPERS Eco-centricism

I think that these two have always been conflicting for millennia, but it was at such a small scale that it was ignorable. Since the advent of the industrial revolution though, worldwide growth, industrialisation and globalisation have increased at unprecedented rates, leading to our actions having an infinitely greater impact on the globe and the environment. For technocentric individuals, I think that they believe that because it was our technology that started the problems, our technology can certainly fix them too.

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