Singapore, Indonesia, and Cambodia Development


Singapore, Indonesia, and Cambodia are all very different countries that are influenced by many different factors that either help increase or decrease the rate of development. Singapore is a developed country and does not face major natural hazards, as well as, it has a stable government. The stable government is the most important factor that helps Singapore progress and become more developed. One of the main factors that influenced Indonesia is how it is very prone to a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes which could cause a lot of damage to the country that the government would have to spend money on to repair after. Another factor is  that religious peace was not obtained by Indonesia, since the country has dominant religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. Cambodia, like Indonesia, is also very vulnerable to many natural hazards especially big floods. Floods bring diseases that people with weak immune systems could die from. They evacuate people from homes and ruin a lot of public work that needs money for repairment after. All of the three countries are very different, although, Indonesia and Cambodia struggle from natural hazards that affect their development rate negatively.

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