This performance was a long-awaited one. Practices lasted an hour on average yet passed by in a second. But we all knew we were working toward a goal that would, hopefully, prove to be fruitful. This piece was a tarana which combines a balanced mix of both the expression based and technical aspects of Kathak.  I was particularly afraid as in the expression based part, tarana’s usually explore ideas and feelings that I had yet to experience, for instance, love, heartbreak, being overcome by God, etc. Nonetheless, along with my teachers expertise and my peers’ guidance I was able to evoke some emotion and be more delicate with my hand movements (something I’ve always been told to work on). This performance and experience helped me build my collaborative skills. Since it was with a group, everyone had to be mindful of one another and communicate effectively to be in synch. This was helpful as it was a group effort, everyone had to be supportive to achieve the ideal we wanted to. Moreover, this performance was at ‘Gardens By The Bay’ an iconic tourist destination in Singapore which definitely added to the pressure. 

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