09/09/2018 Peace Conference

This conference organised by the IFP Singapore team was really helpful and informative for us who are new to IFP, it was honestly such a fun experience because I got to meet the Dover students who were lovely people. One of the activities which I found to be the most interesting was when we were split up into groups and were given an identity. One group had to constantly jump, one was able to do anything they want, one group had to keep on of their hands on the floor, and my group had to stay silent, and with this we were given challenges and it revealed that the identities given to us seemed to drag us down. But what I realise is that despite some of the identities being disadvantages we all managed to finish the challenges and this shows us that everyone is capable of achieving anything but we all have our own pace and we should always take our time and not rush simply because everyone else is faster than you


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