Touch Rugby

04/12/18 About 4 weeks ago I sprained my ankle really bad from playing basketball with inappropriate shoes and I thought it would be another mild sprain that’ll take 3 days to heal, similar to the ones I often get. But it took a lot longer to heal than expected and I was not able to […]

Transformative solutions IFP

“A substitute teacher in my HL math class: congrats for all the girls for being so brave and taking this course” Conflict: misunderstanding disagreement stereotyping sexism Potential violence: There might be a potential argument that may escalate quickly, because the teacher may be sending out a wrong message that might hurt the student(s) Mental violence […]

Myers–Briggs Personality

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test I am categorised to ENTJ, or the commander. According to the website, a commander is described to be “natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, Commanders are […]


I am really passionate about playing the piano so I am so glad I got to continue my piano here in Singapore, I was extremely worried moving here for the reason that I thought it would be hard to find places I would be able to take lessons in. Before going to Singapore I had […]


23/10/18 During this session we explored stereotypes within society and assumptions we make from day to day. We did a few self reflections in which we had to brain storm all the assumptions people make about us and all the assumptions we make about people. Sometimes we go on our normal day making these stereotypical […]


25/9/18 In this IFP session we explored different situations in which conflict is present, initially I have always thought that conflict was merely and purely an act of violence but after this activity I now know that it isn’t always violent and only the responses tend to be violent. I feel like this is crucial […]

Touch Rugby

29-30/9/18 Joining touch rugby is very new to me because I have never done it in my past school, and until now the rules still confuse me. I have also signed up for the tournament that happened a month back and this was super nerve-wrecking to me, the last tournament I had was a few […]

Patient Care: Local Service

24/09/18 Patient care service is the one thing I was extremely excited about when first starting the school year. I have always loved service work, it makes me feel that I am full as a person if that even makes sense.  Although I was a bit hesitant about it for the reason that I thought […]

Fixed Mindset: PSE

The only subject I have put down the fixed mindset is French AB. I feel like that the only reason why I put French all the way down to the fixed mindset side of the spectrum is because I have a really bad experience with my second language subjects every since I was in middle […]

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